Kitty Questionnaire
Do you rent or own your home?
If renting, do you have permission to keep a
Do you have children
living in your home?
If yes, please
list their ages.
Have you ever had a cat(s)
If yes, what
What interests you in the Ragdoll breed?
For what purpose do you want a Ragdoll cat?
Do you currently have other
If yes, list breeds and ages:
Does everyone in the household want this cat? If
no, please explain.
Who will have primary responsibility and take
care of this kitten/cat?
Is anyone in the household allergic to cats?
Are you interested in showing your cat?  They
even have Cat Agility!  
Do you plan on allowing the cat to go outdoors?
Please let us know any comments, questions, or
concerns you may have.  
List any color/pattern/ male or female  preferences.
Please include your e-mail address so we may get
back to you.  
How/where did you learn about us?  Did someone
refer you to us?  
Thank you for answering these questions.  They are intended to help us determine if this breed and kitten are right for you.  We
want your kitten to be everything you expect and more!
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