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The Kings Court - Rahabacats Ragdolls
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Dazzle is a stunning, playful, lovable,
mitted, seal point girl.  She is as prissy
as they come!  And, she does come
when called.  She is quite social and
loves to be playing with the other cats
of the Court!  She is no couch potato.  
Born on 5/29/09.  She is the princess of
the King's court & home.   Did we
mention that Miss Dazzle is now a
Champion?  UPDATE!  The forever
Lady Dazzle is now also a Premier and
lives with Chris & her family, who are
showing her in CFA shows!!!  
Prince is mama's boy for sure!  Well,
he's a daddy's boy also!  He will flop
& purr in your arms, as he stares
deeply into your eyes.  No cattitude
here, his sister got all of that!  Prince
was born on 5/29/09.  You know he'd
like to get all his kingly apparel on to
go to the show halls!  His blue
lynxing and mitts are beautifully
Prince is adopted and moved
to Nova Scotia, Canada!  
Our Eunuch is now a
We are very accessable to New York,
Pennsylvania, Canada, Ohio; these locations being
within 2-3 hours of us.  Vermont, Massachusettes,
Michigan are within 4-5 hours of our Ragdoll
Cattery located here in upstate, NY.  
Willow has been adopted &
adored by Alana & Chad and
has moved to Brooklyn, NY!  
His new siblings are 2 pugs
named Riley & Dylan!!!
Tippy has moved to
Rochester, NY with
his loving family:  
Heather & Jason!  
Our very sweet Oakey has
left us to go live with his
brother @ the home of Jason
& Heather!  Their names are
now, "Tip & Dale"!!!  
This big beauty is
Catalina!  Why did we get
her spayed?  She is now
living with her wonderful
family in Taberg, NY.
Prince & Dazzle were
born to the King's
Court on 5-29-09 to
the proud parents,
Abraham & Leah!  
To right is our
beloved Abe
look-alike! Seal
point mitted just
like Daddy!  We
call him Buster - he
steals all the
attention!  Now
lives in Honeoye,
2 photos below are"Vic".  Blue
point mitted. Now Alex.  Lives
with Liz in Trumansburg, NY!  
We offer a great adopt-again incentive!  
When you refer us or adopt another kitty
from us, ask us about our Incentive
Program!   We want our kittens in the
best of homes, so we'd like your loyalty!  
'Cheech went to live with Ashley in Grand Island;
'Boofy' went to Pound Ridge, NY; Mitts went to
PA with Cathy; Chloe, Sir Harry, Zoe all went to
Manhattan!  These 2 litters were from Leah &
Sapphire in June of 2011.  Raised together with
both loving moms & a few aunts, too!  Bella &
Boofy are now champions and stayed here!  
These 2 beauties are "Bella" & "Boofy".  
They are our newest champions!   
Bella is a blue lynx bicolor.  Boofy is a
seal lynx bicolor.  
Daughters of Abraham x Leah
This is 'Amy' as a
kitten.  She is now,
"Champion Rahabacat
Foundation of
Amethyst".  Amy is a
Blue Bicolor.  And
along with "Bub" have
6 babies ~ 3-7-12~
Ch. Willowtreerags
Apollon Rubellius 'Abe
Ch. Cajundoll Leah is
Diamond Rahabacat 'Leah'
Litter of 4 born on
3-1-12   2males/2females
went to
NJ to
be loved
by Inmi
& Alex!
Socrates & sister Sophia
get to stay together & be
loved by Scott &
Sapphire x
precious litter!  
Sapphire's babes:  We are keeping the seal
colorpoint "Beans".  "Misty" went to
Hamburg, NY.  "Lilly" lives in Manhattan
with her doggie & family!  
Amy & Bub's babes:  "Pearl" is now Jasmine's  in Albany.  Tom will
be living with "Riley".  "Kara" is with  Ivee in NJ.  "Madeline" is
in Warners with her family.  "Samson" is with his family in
Cheektowaga!  "Fiona", my lilac mitted is staying right here!  
Blue Lynx
Mitted female
Blue Lynx
Mitted Male
lives in NYC w/
2 children & 2
Seal Bicolor male
ears!  5/20/12
These kittens are all from past litters @ the King's Court.  
We are now accepting deposits for
our S
pring/Summer 2015 litters.