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The Kings Court - Rahabacats Ragdolls
Phone: (585) 757-6854

The "Kitten Kit" includes:
Airport acceptable cat carrier
Airline travel kit (absorbent pad, food/water cup, live animal ID label)
Food to get you started (instructions & description)
Water from home
Toys, feathers, balls from home
Nail clippers
Ear cleaner
Washcloth from home
Travel litter pan/litter
Food dishes - stainless steel
A Kitten Kit can be purchased for $95.00. This is highly suggested as it will
help the transition from our home to yours.
*The King's Court is happy to pass on to you a considerable savings for
these articles. It is good for us to know that you will be carrying on the same
high standard of care to your kitty that we have begun.
Are you interested in Showing your Lady or Eunuch from the King's Court?
We are available to help.
Blue bicolor
Blue lynx mitted
Seal point mitted
w/ hourglass
Blue Point, mitted
Blue lynx point, mitted
9 days