Catbits / A Day in the Life .... of a Ragdoll show kitty!
What a difference a day makes!  This morning when I left the house, I left feeling like an
ordinary kitty.  12 hours later, I felt like a crowned prince!  Somehow it was worth all the pain!  
I became a Champion today!  Mom is so pleased! You'd think I won the Nobel peace prize or
It all started on Friday.  The bathing, the shampooing, the conditioning, the water - yuck!  Oh,
my!  Just when I thought it could not get any worse, Mom started up this big, noisy, blowing
machine!  She was treating me like I was a show dog or something!  She was brushing, and
blowing, and combing, and making the biggest to-do!  I was pushed, prodded, rolled, clipped,
swabbed, wiped...can you imagine?
Okay, I guess I did kind of like the after-the-bath part.  Hey, I was lookin' pretty impressive
after a few hours!  
I do believe Leah was really liken' the new clothes I was wearin'! If she had a thumb, I would
have gotten the thumbs up from her after that grooming session - oh, yeah!
Saturday morning, bright and I do mean early, we are loaded into the van. I do not like rides
in the van, Abe I am! 2 1/2 hours later we are unceremoniously setting up shop in this huge,
cold room with a whole lotta cats in their cages - 180 of them to be exact. No, I am not happy
- how could you tell?
Over the course of the day I am taken in and out of cages - did I tell you I hate being taken
out of cages (my comfortableness is messed with severely), 28 times! Hey, but who is
counting, right?
These strange people, well, you know, strange to me at least, were handling me and patting,
squeezing, touching, fondling, and just doing things that I did not appreciate at all! Yes, I did
swear at a few of them, my dignity being challenged several times; I am a king after all.
There were 6 judges and an opportunity to win 6 Red, White, & Blue ribbons. Mom wanted
those ribbons so bad! Talk about pressure! Oh, and that Leah has to make it all look so
easy! Every one of those fondler and feeler people gave me a Red, White, and Blue ribbon,
no matter what I called them!
They all agreed with Mom that I am well put together! Now I am a king and a champion! I even
have the certificate to remind Leah and Mom how truly amazing I am. Yes, I have repented of
the bad words I used, certainly unseemly for someone of my station in life. We do thank
Willow Tree Ragdolls for all
the planning, attention, and devotion that they put into their breeding program.

Love, Abraham
The Kings Court - Rahabacats Ragdolls
Phone: (585) 757-6854
My eyes are dazzling - that's why they
named me Dazzle!  They dazzle like
diamonds!  Don't I look so much like
my Dad?  I am my Daddy's girl!  Hehe!
I am Prince, the king's son!  My disposition comes
from the best of my parents!  I am as playful as
Mom and as sweet as Dad!  I think that my good
looks come more from Mom as she is the same
coloring as I am!  
While you were all sleeping soundly last night,
I was hunting!  Yes, I heard it was deer season
soon, so I needed some practice...yup, I got
one!  I got a mouse.  It was huge!  It was maybe
a 6 point buck of a mouse!  I am it!  Sorry, I
just hunt for sport - those things are nasty!  
Ugly, too!  I don't eat ugly.  
Dazzle was shown in
Brockport, NY 9/2010 by her
new owner, to become a
The BIG news at the King's
Court is that Dazzle is now a
Champion!!!  Woowwweeee!
Her name is now,
"Champion Rahabacat
Dazzle is a Diamond".  
This weekend at the Genesee Cat Fanciers Show in Rochester, NY
Dazzle earned her 6 Red, White, & Blue ribbons for her
Championship.  She was very well-behaved, fed-up in only 2 rings
after being taken in/out of cages 26+ times each day!  She was mildly
using cussing as a way of expressing herself only a few times to the
judges; but not nearly like her Daddy can express himself at the
shows!  Whew!  
I do think that on the whole she enjoyed herself!  She is now my
bestest friend, as she will not let me out of her sight.  She does now
know that she is "IT"!  She was very tired after showing, only opening
up her dazzling eyes to her most sweet-talking admirers.  
Both kittens from Abraham x Leah's 1st litter have become  
Prince is now a Premier!  Last
weekend in Easton, PA!  He did a
grand ole job!  His name is now,
"Premier Rahabacat
Prince-of-Kings Court"!!!  

Ch. Willow Rags Apollon Rubellious
Ch. Cajundoll Leah is Diamond Rahabacat
Ch./Pr. Rahabacat Dazzle is a Diamond
Pr. Rahabacat Prince-of-Kings Court
Ch. Rahabacat Dort Adelaide Fav-Opal
Ch. Rahabacat Foundation of Amethyst
Ch. Rahabacat Price is Far Above Rubies
Ch. Guysndolls NYNY of Rahabacat
Ch. Rahabacat Boofalicious Diamond.
Ch. Rahabacat Diamonds R Forever Bella
Ch. Absolutdolls Cypress of Rahabacat
Ch. Rahabacat Amethyst Luster in NYNY
Ch. Rahabacat First Row was a Sardius
Pr. Rahabacat Elm Shadow is Good
Rahabacat's list of CFA Champions so far!